hamster care

Hamster Care

When you think to have a little and cute pet where you don’t need to put much effort, hamsters are a wonderful option for that. They are the small rodents of various species which can be your loving pet and friend. But, you must know that having a pet is equal to great responsibility. You should only bring a hamster at home when you are ready to take the responsibility. Though there are not many efforts needed to keep a hamster, you should know certain things about your furry, little friend.

Today, this article will put light on the issues you need to know before having a hamster as your pet. How to take care of your dear hamster? Have a look-

  1. Don’t Pair Them– This is the fundamental tips of a caring If you want your hamster to remain healthy and playful, never keep two hamsters together. Basically, they are a loner. So, they don’t like companies and end up only in fighting. The fighting can be fatal enough by killing one by the other. So, never put two hamsters together.
  2. Buy a Healthy Hamster– You should be very careful while buying your little pet. The signs of a healthy hamster are clean ears, small and rounded tummy, dry and clean bottom, healthy teeth and deep and dark eyes. Having a healthy hamster means you don’t need to get confused about its problem from the beginning day.
  3. Select the Right Cage– Maybe your hamster is small, but never keep it in a small space. You definitely want to install a wheel so that it can run. But, that must be large so that they can move on it with a straight. Otherwise, your furry friend will suffer from back pain, spine problem, injuries, irritation, etc.
  4. Build a House for It– Yes, your hamster will be good and healthy in a house with two-three chambers. Give your hamster as much natural ambiance as you can. Buying a large cage or making a spacious enclosure will let you build more than one chamber. They need spaces for storing foods, sleeping, etc. You should also keep hiding space for your hamster like small wooden arches, empty coconut shell, etc.
  5. Don’t Put Your Hamster in Hamster Ball– You may have seen hamsters rolling these ball at movies, but this is really a bad idea. These balls are immensely suffocating and enclosed area. Hamsters can’t breathe properly or see things well. They can get suffocated and even die if you put it into such a ball. There are countries which are planning to ban hamster balls. Stay away from it.
  6. Concentrate on Its Eating Habit-You don’t need to get confused about the eating habit of hamster as it eats fruits, leafy greens, nuts, pulse, etc. Use a metal bowl or earthen pots to give foods to a hamster. Their teeth are sharp, and they can chew plastic.
  7. Leave It Alone– Hamsters are a great explorer, but they get disturbed by others’ presence. When you bring hamster at your home, let it get accustomed with its new house. Place foods, water, toys, etc. in its little house and let it explore its dwelling place without any intervention.

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