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Are Hamsters Good Pets for Children?

The love children have for pets

Children tend to love the idea of having a pet of their own. You will often come across children begging their parents to grant them the permission to keep a pet. Tall claims and promises are made by them about how they would take care of the pets diligently and would ensure that they make no mistakes. Hamsters are considered to be the ideal pets due to their small size and cuteness. However, before you keep hamsters as pets, there are a few things that you will have to pay heed to since children are involved.

Things to remember

Hamsters tend to be nocturnal. Therefore, they are not very active during the day and stay active during the night. If the hamster is kept in the children’s room, they might face trouble sleeping as the hamster makes a lot of noise.

On the other hand, hamsters have a lot of entertaining habits which tend to be a source of enjoyment for children. For instance, they can run for hours in a wheel with optimal energy. This is a sight that can be highly captivating for children.

The most important thing that needs to be paid attention to if you are contemplating getting a hamster for your child is the care that it will be subjected to. The cage needs to be cleaned and the bedding changed at least weekly. It needs to be ensured that the hamster is provided with fresh food and water on a daily basis. It is also important to keep in mind that hamsters are solitary animals, so you should not make more than one hamster live in close quarters. These animals possess poor eyesight and get startled with ease, which is why one needs to be highly gentle while handling them.

Safety of the children

According to the authorities, it is recommended that children younger than 8 years are not given hamsters as pets to take care of independently. This is because while the hamsters are cute and cuddly, they are not necessarily safe for young children. Hamsters possess sharp teeth and nails. They tend to be highly unpredictable in their behavior and might bite your hands and fingers without any apparent provocation. The bite can be deep to the extent that blood is drawn. This can be a source of quite a bit of pain for children, and the bites can even lead to infection.

The cleanliness of the hamster will have to be maintained in an optimal manner when children are involved. Children tend to be in a habit to put their hands in their mouth quite often, which can transmit all sorts of infections to the child if the hamster is not clean enough.

As mentioned before, hamsters are nocturnal. A young child might not be able to fathom why the hamster is asleep during the day and might make an attempt to wake him up. Hamsters can bite in such a situation.

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