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All about the housing and the caging for a hamster

Hamsters are rodents that belong the subfamily Cricetinae and contain around 25 species in the subfamily. While many people want to keep them as a pet, they lack the proper knowledge about keeping them in a safe and home-like place. It is very important to have proper knowledge of the cages that are going to be the home for these small animals. The most prevalent two types of hamsters that are kept as pets are golden or Syrian hamster and the dwarf hamsters. It is very necessary to ensure a good staying place if you decide to keep them as pets.

Dimensions of a hamster cage:

Prevalently, hamsters caging and housing is not much of a hassle, it is normally preferable to keep them in cages, given the fact that they tend to escape the wood houses if the lock is not properly made and sometimes it even makes them feel confined which is not at all. So, if asked, it is best to stick to cages instead of the customized homes. The normal size of a hamster cage is around 19×19 square inches in width and 6 inches in height. The size can be customized as per the requirements. There are mainly three kinds of hamster cages namely-

  1. Connectable Hamster cages
  2. Metal wire cages
  3. Aquarium cages

A bit more about the cages:

  • Connectable Hamster cages:

The connectable hamster cages are one of the most popular ones when it comes to looking for a home for your pet. These are the kind of cages that come with tunnels and sometimes even have decks. These are especially ideal for small hamsters and not the big ones because there remains a tendency that the big hamsters may end of getting trapped inside the tunnels. Another problem with the cage is that it tends to get smelly really easily because it is hard to wash the tunnels and the cage. The positive side of the connectable cage is that they are very spacious and aids the hamster to move around the cage freely.

  • Metal Wire cages:

The metal wire cages are the ones that are most sold because of its cheaper rate. There are more pros than cons in this type of caging. They are strong and sturdy because of the strong metal wiring around the cage. The ventilation of the cage is really good because it is open on all sides and doesn’t make the hamster feel claustrophobic. It is even easy to clean the cages by removing the bottom part of the cage. It is always advised to buy metal cages which have solid metal floors rather than wire mesh floors to avoid causing any injuries to the hamster.

  • Aquarium Cages:

The Aquarium cages are very handy and can be placed anywhere in the house. They give a full display of the hamster and due to its spacious surroundings; the hamster can happily play around the entire cage and not escape. It is not that popular of a choice because the ventilation is really poor and even cleaning the cage is a hassle.

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