large hamster cage

Large Hamster Cage

Deciding on getting a hamster and actually getting one and bringing home requires a lot of preparations and a number of other important things. The very first thing that would cross anyone’s mind is the accommodation of the hamster, that is, the cage to keep them in. Deciding on a cage is a very important factor and needs to done with a lot of thought and keeping a number of factors in mind. You definitely do not want your small furry friend to feel uncomfortable in their new environment and habitat and thus providing them the very best is something that should be of your concern. This article is to talk about the importance of large cages for the hamsters and the different types that you can choose from before bringing your pet home.

  • General size for the cage:

You are more likely to bring home a baby hamster, and the types and size of cage required for them are different than what we need for the adult hamsters. It is thus important to buy a temporary cage for the initial days till they become big and are ready to be transferred to the large cage permanently. It should also be kept in mind that the temporary cage should not be thrown away because you never know when you might need it again.

The general size requirements for the standard hamster cage are 2 cubic feet for the Syrian pet hamsters. It is very important to get a large cage for the hamster to stay in because otherwise they feel trapped and become cage aggressive which is definitely a big no if you want a happy and healthy hamster. Another thing to keep in mind is that the hamsters excrete ammonia and a confined space will suffocate them and might also affect their health adversely. It is thus best to opt for the large hamsters in which they can roam around freely and enjoy their stay and feel at home.

  • Large cages provide better ventilation:

Another important thing is the proper air exchange and also the proper ventilation so that the hamster doesn’t feel suffocated. The plastic modular cages that look a lot appealing might not be the best choice when it comes to providing the best ventilation. It has been reported by several experts that it is best to opt for the wire cages because they provide the best ventilation and also makes the hamster feel less trapped.

  • Large cages provide more space and security:

Hamsters are the types of a pet who are very active during the evening and night and tend to roam around a lot. If the cages are small and confined, they are most likely to crash into the sides or even hurt them in the process. On the other hand, when the cages are large and spacious, they find a lot of space to roam about and thus that further ensures their safety. When the hamster does is active and is happy in the environment he is staying in, it is more than likely reflected on his physical health.

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