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Special Prairie dogs

How long do Prairie dogs live, and how do you prepare to get one?

Prairie dogs are exotic animals who are actually burrowing rodents. There are five varieties of this dog: Black and white tailed, Utah, Mexican, and Gunnison’s. However, the black tailed prairie breed is popular around the globe. They are kind of special pets and people who adopt them are likewise special due to the fact that a prairie dog cannot live as a pet without proper care. The life expectancy of a prairie dog is usually 10 to 12 years, but black tailed ones cannot live that much. They carry a unique social bonding technique which makes people adore them more.

How long do a prairie dog live? The lifespan of a prairie dog is surprisingly 10-12 years!

Bonding With Humans

Prairie dogs can be loving and adoring pets if cared properly, and obtained at the appropriate age. Daily handling as well as hand feeding is very important in the initial days after you get them. This will also encourage proper bonding between the owner and the dog. Don’t worry, it is not hard to bond with Prairie pups; however, things could complicate with adult prairie dogs. Prairie dogs have attention seeking personality and they get frustrated if they are not considered as a part of the family. In general, they are affectionate with human beings. Prairie dogs are undoubtedly intelligent and smart; they will follow every command and will understand your emotions; even words.

How do I prepare for a Prairie Dog

You should prepare your mind and a few other things before bringing a Prairie dog home. It is suggested not to have a Prairie dog if you have a baby, but if you could baby proof your home, then you can get a Prairie dog. Train your Prairie dog well and do not allow it to visit certain places; keep them away from wires and other risky objects because they will chew anything they like (if not properly trained). Feeding Prairie Puppy: You could feed them dry puppy kibble, Prairie pellets, and Timothy hay. Keep in mind that training a wild animal is not ease as they behave differently.

Bottom Line

Not many wild animals or rodents could be a pet, but Prairie dogs can be your good friend. They love their owners and they cannot live without them. Black tailed prairie dogs usually live 2 to 4 years; they don’t live the longest. The prairie dogs are definitely unforgettable pets due to their caring nature. Yes, they make amazing pets. However, be sure to obtain one as a baby.

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