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Stop Puppy Biting You

Play biting is the most predictable thing there is when it comes to puppies. Puppies tend to bite anything and everything including you. If you are going to play rough with your little puppy, expect to get bitten. You cannot get angry if you are encouraging the behavior.

There are a few ways you can Stop Puppy Biting You, but first, you need to understand why they bite. First and foremost is teething. Just like a normal baby who is teething, his comes are also itchy, and he needs something to chew on.

Do not get angry or frustrated with play biting; it takes a long time to stop play biting so be prepared. Try to have a bag of treats with you, when you see that they are going to start biting distract them with the treat. Get them to sit and then give them the treat.

By doing this, you are starting to teach them that when you are with them, you do not want him to bite you. Remember to have them sit before you give the treat. Do not give the treat while he is biting you.

You could always give them a toy to chew, but this does not teach them to stop biting. Turn it into a training session. Getting him to sit before giving him a treat, the more consistent you are the faster they will learn.

Another method is using their natural instincts when puppies play, and the one hurts the other, the hurt puppy lets out a yelp. When a puppy bites your hand or finger, let out a yelp and ignore him for a few seconds.

Do not pull your hand or finger away as this will trigger his chase instinct. Do not do this for three times in fifteen minutes, if it gets that far, it is time for your puppy to have a time out.

Do not scare your dog by tapping their face; teasing causes them to react by biting. Never hit your dog to punish them.

“Hide the treat” toys are also great for distracting puppies to stop them biting other things. Arrange for playtime with other puppies or vaccinated adult dogs.

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