Day: August 18, 2021

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PM SVANidhi: Here’s how street vendors can apply for loan facility

Street vendors were the most troubled faction post lockdown, courtesy of the economic hailstorm that transpired in the wake of the global threat. However, the government was quite proactive to understand their plight and introduce the PM Svanidhi Yojana in the process. Launched way back in 2020 by the MHUA, this scheme strictly aims at providing easy, quick, and hassle-free credit facilities to these street vendors who often find it hard to make ends meet when the public starts showing up less on the streets.

How does the PM svanidhi Yojana Work?

This scheme aims at offering working capital to the vendors, for helping them manage overhead costs and even livelihood expenses, even when the business runs dry. However, not every application gets accepted as the background check pertaining to the PM Svanidhi Yojana is pretty stringent.

Plus, this loaning scheme adheres to the concepts of speed, accountability, and transparency. …

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